Mental health and wellbeing resources

With the increased pressures and challenges faced by aged care providers, staff, residents and their families, it's more important than ever that you are caring for yourself as well as those around you during the pandemic.


COVID-19 aged care grief and trauma support services

With COVID-19 creating an environment of ongoing lockdowns and uncertainty, people living, working, and caring in the aged care sector may be experiencing grief and trauma. They may have past trauma that is triggered by lockdowns and restrictions, as well as feelings of grief reacting to the loss of experiences, events, people and routines that are important to them.

The Australian Government has invested in a Grief and Trauma Support Progam to help those impacted by COVID-19 across the aged care sector, to provide grief, loss and bereavement counselling; trauma support and information; support for people with dementia; and advice and advocacy services. This free national service is available to aged care residents and home care recipients; their families, friends, family of choice, loved ones, community visitors and representatives.


ELDAC Self Care Room - resources for aged care workers

Self-care can help protect you against burnout and increase your resilience. The new ELDAC Self-Care Room is an online tool that has been built for aged care workers based on feedback from the sector and the latest research. The Self-Care Room will teach you what self-care is, give you ideas on how to practice it, and provide a space to share your self-care tips with others.


Pandemic fatigue

Pandemic fatigue is real and it's absolutely understandable that many of us are experiencing it, particulary those in the aged care sector who have been faced with relentless pressures and challenges throughout the pandemic. The National Mental Health Commission are urging all Australians to be aware of pandemic fatigue in ourselves and those around us, so we can take proactive opportunities to maintain our wellbeing.


Beyond Blue: connection and support

Beyond Blue has developed a suite of online resources about coping with COVID-19 in response to rising community concern about the virus. Contacts about COVID-19 to the Beyond Blue Support Service are increasing and Beyond Blue’s online discussion forum about the virus is attracting unprecedented interest. Beyond Blue is encouraging a calm, practical approach to managing the emotional impact of the virus. The new Looking after your mental health during the coronavirus outbreak web page includes tips about coping with self-isolation, how to talk to children about the outbreak, advice for health care workers, and information about support-seeking.


Self-care resource for health workers during disasters

Regularly using methods of self-care is important for healthcare workers on a daily basis, but is especially important during disasters. Working during disasters is work that can be powerful, and can have a great impact. It can be challenging in ways that are different to the situations in your regular work. Using self-care techniques will help to maintain your standards of work. This is important during disasters, where you may not be able to use your normal methods of self-care, and it can be easily overlooked. 'Self-Care for Healthcare Workers During Disasters' is a support resource prepared by Brigid Larkin, a registered paramedic completing a PhD in disaster resilience.


Australian Psychological Society information and resources

The Australian Psychological Society has collated a number of helpful resources which are available to help identify and manage coronavirus anxiety; maintain your mental health during social isolation; staying mentally healthy for older adults; and tips on accessing psychological services via telehealth. Read more


Gow Gates Insurance Brokers partnering with Black Dog Institute

ACSA Industry Partner Gow Gates Insurance Brokers is partnering with Black Dog Institute to provide a range of mental health resources that can be shared with CEOs, CFOs and staff. Contact Jessica Wells, Manager - Health, Gow Gates Insurance Brokers for more information on (02) 8267 9942 or email