The Resilient Community and Aged Care Worker


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We all encounter stress and at times may feel tired and overwhelmed when working with difficult people, clients or situations that may challenge or make us feel pressurised in some way.

At the coal-face in most working environments there is an ongoing need for people to develop skills and techniques to build their resilience, manage everyday stress they face more effectively and look after hemselves better.

In short, to develop an ability to ‘bounce back’.  In today’s world, it is both the employee and the Organisation for which they work that must place self-care and resilience first, in an attempt to reduce burnout, increased trauma (in some roles) and daily stresses and challenges they face.

Target Audience

Anybody who works in the community – supervisors, co-ordinators, workers, managers.

Expected Outcomes

Learning outcomes of this informative and interactive Program

  • Discuss and understand the different types of stress and the impact on people
  • Describe the difference between burnout and compassion fatigue in the Workplace
  • Define stress and the ways in which it impacts you
  • Discuss the different types and triggers workplace stress places on people
  • Identify strategies to deal effectively with challenging situations and people
  • Recognise signs of feeling overwhelmed by the complexities of your work and role
  • Define resilience and identify strategies and techniques to enhance resilience when working in the community sector
  • Critically evaluate the relationship between stress, resilience and emotional intelligence


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This course will be conducted subject to sufficient registrations

Late registrations will be accepted for confirmed courses

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