Bi-Cultural Awareness, Safety And Inclusion

Better Practice Project



This workshop aspires to encourage service providers to welcome the intellectual information and the emotional experiences to create a safer environment to enable an Aboriginal individual to experience inclusion across mainstream services!


Rosemary will take you on a journey from ancient history through to contemporary challenges to give participants an understanding of how grief fear is past across and down the generations (inter-generation), the psychological impact from Policies, Practices & Procedures and Inter-generational myths, misconceptions, stereo-typical views.


She will also pose some of the following questions:

  • What are losses: tangible and intangible losses?
  • What are grief emotions?
  • What is grief discounting?
  • What are grief triggers?
  • How to render racism powerless
  • What is cultural safety for Aboriginal people?

Target Audience

Managers, Team Leaders, Advisors, Support Workers, Volunteers

Expected Outcomes

Participants will achieve an understanding of how grief fear is past across and down the generations.


There is no charge for CHSP and HACC Providers (Code: CHSP2018)


This workshop will not be held if there are insufficient registrations



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