BOOM! Power

Why BOOM!?

BOOM! - it’s what you want to shout when you save time and money sizing, procuring and implementing solar, storage and energy solutions. 

It's a feeling of freedom and control. It’s avoiding expensive consultant reports, which don’t lead to action. It's knowing energy bills are under control - at last. It's knowing your budget is supporting both your business goals and your clients, not propping up HQ of some energy company in town.

Implementing solar, batteries and energy solutions can feel like hard work. Hustlers will sell you the dream. Friends and colleagues have war stories, and plenty of advice to give. 

Who do you trust? We think BOOM!

BOOM! includes 30 years of experience helping organisations like yours get power bills under control. We know solar. We know storage. We know energy - that’s hot water, heating, cooling, tariffs, you name it.

We are geeky enough to “geek out”, if you want to talk about the latest energy technologies, financing or services. But we know most people just want simple answers they can trust.

What is BOOM!? 

BOOM! replaces consulting reports and frustrating work on energy projects. 

BOOM! is an intuitive software platform, which enables and integrates detailed on-site energy assessments, automated business case reporting, competitive procurement, portfolio-wide analytics, and reporting and verification of the costs and benefits of energy solutions. 

BOOM! Is the one platform you need, start to finish, for your energy projects. 

Why BOOM!?

BOOM! simplifies and streamlines large-scale solar, storage and energy efficiency retrofits across diverse property portfolios. The BOOM! platform overcomes the traditional barriers to large-scale portfolio-wide programs, such as a lack of time and internal resources, lack of budget for external consulting expertise, and trust barriers that block projects at the procurement stage. How?

BOOM! energy assessments and business case reporting is fully automated, based on standardised energy and property data inputs. The platform enables Asset, Facility and Property Managers to run large scale solar, storage and energy efficiency retrofit programs across diverse property portfolios, quickly and efficiently, without the need for ongoing, expensive consulting time. Automated reports are designed to increase understanding, and enable users to justify and create energy retrofit budgets. BOOM! competitive procurement platform is designed to meet government probity requirements, backed by a constantly and proactively managed, pre-qualified panel of suppliers, whose tenders can be transparently evaluated side-by-side within the platform, and selected based on pre-agreed scores. 

The BOOM! Team

We combine over 30 years solar and energy market experience, a PhD, a few Masters degrees, seven kids, a casual interest in Artificial Intelligence, a passion for modern history, equality through opportunity, and small-scale agriculture. 

BOOM! Projects

BOOM! morphed out of projects developed and delivered by Energy for the People since 2012, in collaboration with data and science whizz Dr. David Perry. We’ve created business cases, managed procurement or handled implementation on over $100m of solar projects across Australia, from small-scale household stuff through to commercial rooftop solar and small solar farms. Amongst the most important work we have done has been 3,000kW (3MW) of solar, plus batteries and energy efficiency benefitting over 1,000 community housing tenants - ensuring some of society's most vulnerable are benefitting from rooftop solar, storage and efficiency. 

Other headline grabbers have been 100kW on Abbotsford Convent, Solar and Storage for Footscray Community Arts Centre, 100kW on The Mill in Castlemaine, a business case and plan for taking Tylagum Off Grid, and for Renewable Newstead to go 100% solar. We’ve also consulted to the NSW and Victorian governments on multi-year, state-wide projects, and portfolio-wide work for thousands of properties. 

Wait, there's more!

Since Energy for the People was founded in 2012 we have retained a commitment to ensuring our profit is reinvested to benefit the many. It's our way of saying "No!" to Christmas parties on yachts, and "Yes!" to feeling good all the time. Our approach continues with BOOM!, which donates 50% of after-tax profit to individuals and organisations creating equality of opportunity - that’s shorthand for creating work opportunities directly, or through training and education for people who are otherwise at risk of being left out - think the long-term unemployed, young people at risk, and those at risk of homelessness. We’re backing this up through partnerships with like-minded philanthropic and impact investment groups across Australia (watch this space, or get in touch). 

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