How do your leaders measure up?

What is CILCA 360?
CILCA 360 is a development tool specifically designed to grow effective leaders in the care industry, including aged care and disability services.

Why it’s needed
The care industry is in the midst of a once in a lifetime change to enable it to meet the new Care Standards and create a brand of high consumer care and sustainable business. ‚ÄčAn integral part of this journey is the capability of leaders within the care industry to create and sustain a culture that supports the achievement of the new standards and beyond.

How it works
Its correlated to the new Care Standards as well as the Australian Aged Care Leadership Capability Framework enabling organisations to identify their biggest gaps, risks and opportunities in these capability areas for Level 1, 2 and 3 Leaders.

Why use CILCA 360?

  • Enables an independent assessment of your organisation by a third party
  • Allows you to target your development investment where its most needed
  • Demonstrates that you’re meeting the new quality standards around Human Resourcing.
  • Confirm that your investment in development is creating a shift in capability each year.
  • Allows for industry and organisational benchmarking of capabilities.

How we know it works
Several care providers have already rolled out CILCA360 at their organisations with impressive results. We’ve even captured one organisation’s journey in a case study, which you can check out here on our website. Learn what challenges this organisation was facing, the process they went through and the positive results they achieved following CILCA360.

What to do from here
Enquire via the link below to learn how CILCA360 can grow your leaders and transform your organisation. You can do this directly via the link below. Or give us a call on 08 9287 1041 to chat to one of the friendly CILCA team members.

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