About us

Our Purpose

ACSA exists to support an equitable and just aged care sector that Australians can trust to offer quality of life, choice and accessibility.

Our Members

ACSA is a member-owned organisation that represents and supports community-invested businesses that:

  • Are integral to the socio-economic fabric of their communities;
  • Provide communities with assurance their needs will be met;
  • Reinvest surpluses into services their communities need;
  • Employ people committed to their local communities;
  • Harness efforts of local volunteers.

Our value proposition to members

ACSA enables community-invested aged care organisations to be influential, informed, supported and connected:

Influential: ACSA’s advocacy assures a flourishing sector where the voice of community-invested organisations is influential, with policy makers and funders.

Informed: ACSA’s information ensures we can make effective decisions quickly in the interests of the clients, families and communities we serve.

Supported: ACSA’s support ensures that all community-invested aged care organisations, regardless of size, can operate with the benefits of scale.

Connected: ACSA bringing together its members, ensures commonality of shared experience leading to the acceleration of new ideas and best practices.

Our strategic themes

Theme 1: Consumers are confident in ACSA members

ACSA’s influence on Government policy enables our members to be successful in carrying out their missions and provide confidence to older people, their families and communities selecting high-quality, values-driven services and providers.

Theme 2: Members of ACSA are adapting to change and flourishing

In a reform-rich and dynamic aged care environment, it is vital that ACSA members are empowered to adapt with agility, with capacity beyond each individual member’s scale and resources.

Theme 3: ACSA is operating sustainably with an assured future

A strong sector demands a strong supportive and representative body, so ACSA will strive to assure its future through highest value offerings with widest reach, along with strong business and service practices.



     Download ACSA's Strategic Directions 2020-2025